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Nautipets is a provider of wholesome, natural, and limited ingredient foods for your pets.  One of the most important things you can do for your dog or cat is to ensure they eat well. Much of the foods and treats found in big box stores have by-products, fillers, and chemical preservatives. Nautipets only carry food and treat items that we would serve our own pets.  Sometimes pets have allergies to certain food items, so Nautipets specializes in limited ingredient foods. We can help you identify foods that are not only good for them, but foods they like as well. 


Fussy eaters are no problem for Nautipets. We carry goat milk, broths, freeze-dried items, and frozen meats created to keep your pet’s diet as close to nature as possible. We take pride in carrying products that are produced using the highest quality ingredients and are antibiotic, steroid, and grain-free. 


Come see us and let us help you improve your pet's health!



Nautipets was born beachside and not only do the proprietors love the water, but our Nautipets do as well.  Come browse our many items made for your beach buddies' health, safety, and enjoyment. From pet life preservers to beach collars and leads to the best chews and toys, you and your pets will find something you will like. 



Itchy skin? Bad breath? Fleas? Eye goo? We have the natural products for you. Don't go get something at a chain store, we have the high-quality natural products you look for when caring for your pets. Let us help you find the right product for your family. 

Dry and Delicious


Wide Selection of size and flavors!

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