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Living by the beach in Florida offers endless fun, but the salty air can take a toll on your pet's coat and skin. At NautiPets, we understand the importance of regular grooming and bathing to keep your pet healthy, comfortable, and tangle-free. While some breeds require frequent trims and shaves to combat heat exhaustion, all pets can benefit from a thorough, refreshing scrub to stay clean and stink-free!

We pride ourselves on using only the finest all-natural, healthy hair care products. Paired with our seasoned grooming professionals wielding the clippers, your pet is guaranteed to leave our salon feeling like a million barks!

Unlike most grooming shops where speed is prioritized over quality due to commission-based work, NautiPets is different. We have an experienced groomer on staff dedicated to providing meticulous, unhurried services. Your fur babies are treated with the same love and attention we’d give our own. Our modern, spacious grooming room ensures your pet’s safety and comfort throughout their pampering session.

Visit NautiPets for comprehensive pet care where quality always trumps speed, and see the difference for yourself!


We have a full time groomer on staff! Let us pamper your furry friend with NautiPets' premier dog grooming services. Dive into our comprehensive care options designed to meet all your pet's grooming needs and more, guaranteeing a happy, healthy, and stylish companion.

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Luxury Dog Bath

Luxury Bath | Nail Trim | Ear Cleaning-Plucking

External Anal Expression

À La Carte Service

  • Anal Expression (External)

  • Paw Trim

  • Dog Nails

  • Ear Pluck/Clean

  • Teeth Brushing

  • Coat Brush Out

  • De-Mat Eat/Tail

  • Sani-Trim

  • Mini-Groom, No bath

  • (Face, Feet, Fanny)

  • DeShed


Dog Grooming

Luxury Bath | Nail Trim | Ear Cleaning-Plucking

External Anal Expression | Full Hair Cut

À La Carte Services:

  • Specialty Cut

  • Medicated Shampoo

  • Flea Service

  • May be additional charge based on pet's condition such as:

  • Matted/No recent groom

  • We specialize in caring for elderly or special needs pets. Call for more information.

Please bring current proof of pet's rabies vaccination. NautiPets reserves the right to charge a $25 cancellation fee for "no shows" or cancellation within 24-hours of scheduled appointment.

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